1. The taking of fish by any other means than by rod and line is prohibited and proceedings shall be taken against any person taking fish by any other means.
  2. Any member selling fish, lending or refusing to show their ticket, or who shall, at any time infringe any rule of the Association shall be liable to forfeit their membership.
  3. Any member or any other person fishing the waters of the Association shall show their ticket and the contents of their bag, basket or other container, when requested to do so by any bona fide club member or Environment Agency bailiff.
  4. Any member or visitor who, whilst fishing or going to and from the river, leaves gates open, leaves litter or wilfully damages growing crops or wood, shall pay for any damage thereby incurred and be liable to a fine to be decided by the Committee. Also no dogs are allowed to accompany anglers when fishing.
  5. No member of the Association shall enter any field adjoining the river which is laid up for hay from the 15th May until the grass is cut.
  6. Fishing allowed for trout on the river during the course close season with artificial lure and fly only.(Trout season only) (Upper Coxes stretch only)
  7. Any member fishing in a manner contravening the Environment Agency bye laws or any government authority shall be warned for the first offence and expelled for a repetition. This applies to any waters or occasion. (Members have the right of appeal at the Annual General Meeting.)
  8. No fish of any type to be taken from club waters.
  9. The minimum length of keepnet for use on Association waters is 8 feet.
  10. If necessary, the Committee may close the waters at any time.
  11. Anglers fish the water at their own risk.
  12. Any angler fishing a club match or club open may not fish the match venue on the Friday or Saturday prior to the match on the Sunday.
  13. All swims must be left clear of litter, whether your own or not. Failure to comply may lead to the member being banned from using club waters.
  14. All matches are at the discretion of the Committee. Organised sweepstake matches are not allowed without Committee approval.
  15. No night fishing is allowed and no tins are to be taken to the bank. No fires or barbeque’s are allowed on the banks.
  16. The Association is affiliated to the Somerset Levels Amalgamation of angling clubs and members are entitled to fish Amalgamation waters on the Rivers Isle, Parrett and Brue. Also on designated stretches of Thorneymoor Main Drain and Longload Main Drain.
  17. When pike fishing anglers must use a wire trace (minimum 10 inches long) at all times. Members must use a fit-for purpose unhooking tool such as a large pair of forceps. No pike to be retained in keepnets. Dead seabaits are allowed but the use of livebaits is strictly forbidden.
  18. The Annual General Meeting will be advertised in the local paper. Any item, a paid up member, wishes to bring up at the AGM must be with the Secretary in writing 14 days prior to the meeting.
  19. Matches can only be fished by full members with the exception of the Jack Newman Memorial which is an open match.


  1. Whisker barb hooks may be used on any of our still waters, but barbless are preferred.
  2. Between the 1st October and the 31st March Carp to 8lb can be retained in a keepnet. The keepnet needs to be a Carp Mesh keepnet. Across both match and pleasure fishing a maximum of 40lbs to be kept in any one keepnet. Seperate keepnets are required for Carp and Sivers
  3. No groundbait to be used on the canal.
  4. Any pleasure angler fishing Dillington can use two rods.

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